Humanity and Kindness

I’m not sure what a business blog is supposed to say really and all my previous ramblings have been related to cleaning carpets, upholstery or hard floors or directly related subjects. This one is different. And I might adjust future ones accordingly.

So if you expect some cleaning tips or insight as to what I did in the line of my work today you’re going to be disappointed. Not on this one.

This is just my way of expressing my gratitude for small instances of human kindness in what, especially at the moment, seems to be a world centred on violence, arrogance, warped ideology, blame culture and destruction.

Today, two small envelopes landed on my doorstep, and both contained gestures which although probably not intended to do so, brightened up my day beyond belief.

One was from a cousin who I haven’t seen for many years expressing her congratulations for a charity thing I did this last weekend to raise funds for a group set up to celebrate the assistance given to our dear country during the last world war by the Polish Air Force.

With all of the ‘Brexit’ fever, many forget that we owe a great deal to those of other nations who have, and always will, support us. The point is, I suppose, that we cannot and must not generalise. Thanks to Sarah for this gesture out of the blue. It means a lot.

The second envelope was from a lady originally from the UK and who now lives in Santa Cruz, California. It contained a thank you card expressing her gratitude to me for cleaning the carpets in a property she owns across here in the UK. She hasn’t even seen the job I did but still took the time to write a card. Human nature at its very best. It was an absolute pleasure to be able to help her maintain a home which held so many memories for her, and although I was unaware of the history at the time, it makes me even more proud of this job I do. Thank you Nicola for taking the time to put pen to paper.

Every day we see gestures of great human kindness which will always stand way ahead of and above the misguided individuals who think they can grind our great world society down.

Thanks today for those people who made at least one person happy!