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Choosing the right cleaning company or machinery can be the difference between making an expensive mistake or not, ultimately saving you considerable money in the long run. Don’t be tempted by misleading cheap prices, gimmicks and special offers. The trade is inundated with part time operators using cheap and under- powered machines. If you are considering having your Carpets, Upholstery, Rugs or Hard Floors professionally cleaned then let me explain why my customers use my services repeatedly and are happy to recommend me:


  • I treat your home with respect – so you will have minimum disruption to your life.
  • I have full Public Liability Insurance.
  • At ‘Pile Up’ I am extremely competitively priced and provide free quotations.
  • I move the furniture for you if need be – to save you the hassle.
  • You can rely on me to arrive and depart on time and look and act professionally at all times.
  • I can tackle all of the tasks to make your home look spotless – including spot and stain removal, including stubborn pet stains and smells. I am a perfectionist and will take time and care whilst in your premises. I use recognised eco-friendly anti-bacterial solutions as opposed to cheap, harsh or ineffective detergents used by some other operators.
  • I use superior super high powered professional cleaning machines providing in depth carpet and upholstery cleaning. These machines set ‘Pile Up’ apart from many of my competitors and are guaranteed to be among the best on the market today. Once cleaned, carpets and sofas will look like new again subject to normal wear and their original condition. By employing ‘Pile Up’, carpet and upholstery is hygienically cleaned and stays cleaner for longer with my deep pile cleaning system.
  • I have been fully trained by internationally recognised trade associations – so you can be sure that my advice is up to date and in line with the latest thinking on health and safety in the home.
  • I make sure your home stays clean – I also offer fabric protection and maintenance plans.
  • I help anyone with allergy problems – I can carry out the latest anti-allergy treatment.
  • If you’re not completely satisfied I will return and do it all again.

I perform a 10 step procedure from the start of the cleaning process to the finish:


I will perform a pre-inspection before we start the cleaning which involves a walk through of all the areas due to be cleaned and will point out all spots / stains that are visible and explain to you what the predicted results will be.


I use industrial Vacuum Cleaning Machines to remove the dry soil.

Stain Removal

I treat all spots and stains (eg. tea, coffee and wine)


I then use a heavy duty pre-spray to remove any oily pollutants before deep cleaning.

Hot-Water Extraction

Using the latest high powered Hot Water Extraction machine I will provide a deep down clean.

Odour Removal

I will ensure there are no unwanted odours left in the carpet or upholstery.

Residual Free Rinsing

To prevent re-soiling I will rinse out any detergent residue which can be left after cleaning and withdraw the moisture using high powered vacuum.

Final Grooming

This is carried out to lay the nap and restore the fluffiness of the carpet.

Post Cleaning Inspection

To ensure the highest quality experience I will walk you through again and explain the results I have had with each area highlighted during the pre-inspection.

Optional Services Offered

Carpet Protector & PROmite Dust Mite Eliminator and Insecticide where necessary.


I am fully trained through courses recognised by Nationally and Internationally recognised Trade Associations and am an Associate Member of the National Carpet Cleaners Association. (NCCA)