Wooden Floor or Carpets?


You’ve spent the weekend decorating and are toying with the trendy idea of throwing away the carpet and sanding the floorboards ‘like they did on the telly’. Well, before you do, just stop for a moment and think about all the things you take for granted in your carpets.

Before taking a trip to your local tool hire shop you need to sit yourself down and consider what benefits your carpets actually do provide. You will be very surprised as hardly any of these are purely cosmetic and all of which we take entirely for granted.

Imagine for a second, five pairs of schoolboy feet running up your staircase – does a heard of elephants spring to mind? Well, without your stair carpet, believe me, it would sound just like that, but, when was the last time that you thought ‘thank heavens for my stair carpet absorbing the sound’ probably the same as me – never. But this is one of the aspects of your carpet that we never pay a second thought to and is vital for a stress free life.

Also, imagine if you can, 50% more dusting that would be the case if you didn’t have a carpet and yes, believe it or not, it is a fact that thanks to your carpet’s dust trapping properties, it can reduce your housework and I think you’ll agree that is a definite benefit. Not only do we have less dusting but also the environment in which we live is more hygienic because of it.


Let me explain, carpet fibres draw in dust particles like water going down a plughole until it is vacuumed and if vacuumed regularly you will get rid of those nasty germs that travel around on dust particles causing us all sorts of health problems. This, in turn, contributes to reducing the potential risk to family members who suffer from allergies such as asthma and hayfever. So you spend less of your valuable time nursing them –

Another point to bear in mind is it’s insulating properties. In other words, keeping us warm. Not only does you carpet act as a visual comforter it also acts as a thermal insulator, retaining heat within its dense pile and backing material .

It is proven that you will feel at least 2C warmer with a carpet fitted!

And if that isn’t enough to make you run to your nearest carpet shop, if you are all in favour of life’s little comforts like a thick, clean, woolen, fitted carpet to relax on, it’s worth bearing in mind that it’s not only comfortable on your toes but it also has orthopedic benefits too and can actually do you good. Fitting a soft resilient carpet is gentle on the joints and if you can walk on them barefoot as often as possible, it is, according to prominent orthopedic specialists, equivalent to the effects of natural reflex massage treatment and that sounds like a nice bit of pampering to me. The rule that applies is quite obvious, the deeper the carpet pile the more effective it is.

For many of us in today’s Eco-friendly society, there is one more very important point to bear in mind. There are now available carpets and carpet products, which have been tested for any contaminants, emissions and potentially dangerous odours. Once tested, they are awarded a certification mark, which enables you to identify them immediately.

If you are still edging towards the sanded floorboards, maybe it’s because of the maintenance of a carpet, so let me put your mind at rest.

Granted, your carpet does need regular maintenance to keep it looking good. You should vacuum on a regular basis with an efficient vacuum cleaner, which both extracts dust and dirt from the depths of the pile and also contributes towards the attractive appearance. When your carpet is looking a bit tired and worn, give it a treat by employing the labours of a specialist carpet cleaner to give it the once over.

I am a member of  a recognised body, the National Carpet Cleaners Association (NCCA) and you should always use a company similarly qualified in order to avoid potential disaster.


You are now better informed in the battle of carpets v floorboards and are in a better position to decide whether you want a cold draughty, dusty room or a warm, relaxing, healthy one.
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